In memory of the victims of the Highway of Tears

The following is dedicated to the memory of the missing and murdered women. We would like to honour these women and celebrate their lives that were cut short by tragedy. It is in the memory of these women that the Carrier Sekani Highway of Tears Initiative is grounded.

Lana Derick

Nicole Hoar

Tamara Chipman

Shelly Ann Bascu

Monica Jack

Leah Alishia Germaine

Gloria Moody

Gale Weys

Delphine Nikal

Alberta Williams

Aielah Katherina Saric-Auger

Destiny Rae Tom

Roxanne Thiara

Natasha Montgomery

Jill Stuchenko

Cynthia Maas

Bonnie Joseph

Ramona Wilson

Pamela Darlington

Monica Ignas

Micheline Pare

Maureen Mosie

Colleen Macmillen

Immaculate Basil